Mera Peak

Mera Peak

The bulk of Mera, officially the highest of Nepal's permitted trekking peaks, lies to the south of Everest and dominates the watershed between the wild and heavily wooded valleys of the Hinku and Hongu Drangkas. This trek offers the chance to venture into a little visited and as yet unspoilt region of Nepal where the hillsides are still densely forested and a need to be self-sufficient is essential. There is also, of course, the pleasure of going above 21,000 feet. Both the Hongu and Hinku valleys remain uninhabited although there are Kharka in the Upper Hinku basin where Sherpas from the south, near Pangkongma, graze their animals during the fertile monsoon. The upper Hongu Basin is truly a mountain wilderness, a place of massive moraines, glacial lakes and spectacular peaks that include Charmlang and Baruntse.


Day 01 Arrive in Kathmandu and check into hotel
Day 02 Briefing with regards to information about basic preparation for the trip and obtain permit
Day 03 Fly to Lukla and trek to Chutanga
Day 04 Chutanga to Khartitang
Day 05 Khatitang to Nau Lekha
Day 06 Nau Lekha to Kothey
Day 07 Kothey to Thangnak
Day 08 Thangnak to Khare
Day 09 Khare to Mera BC
Day 10 Rest for acclimatization at BC
Day 11 Mera BC to High Camp
Day 12 Mera BC to Khare
Day 13 Khare to Kothey
Day 14 Kothey to Khartitang
Day 15 Khartitang to Chutanga
Day 16 Khartitang to Chutanga
Day 17 Fly Lukla to Kathmandu
Day 18 Depart Kathamandu