Why choose Outdoor Expeditions?

The team at Outdoor Expeditions understands that travelers arriving in Nepal are expecting a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our philosophy revolves around fulfilling that expectation. We know that your holiday time is precious, and our goal is to manage the logistics of your adventure, so you can focus on enjoying your time in our beautiful country. From the time you step off the plane at Tribhuvan airport to the time you make your departure, Outdoor Expeditions promises to make your travel experience in Nepal as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

We aim to be the exemplar of tour operators in Nepal – an aspiration that requires our constant attention to all facets of our operations.

Our Team

We understand the value of quality service. That is why we hand select our customer service reps, trek leaders, guides, and porters to ensure we provide our clients with the best services Nepal has to offer. Our trekking and tour guides are government licensed and trained in First Aid procedures. We assign trekking groups to guides according to their experience and expertise in the regions in which we operate, providing our customers with the most knowledgeable crews, resulting in the most interesting and enjoyable trips. Our crews – from guides, to camp cooks, to porters – are fully equipped, trained, and insured for the rigors of leading groups through the Himalayas. We know that satisfied crews result in satisfied trekkers.

Ethical Conduct

Outdoor Expeditions makes no compromises in conducting our operations responsibly. This means giving due attention to the local communities and environment which our activities may have an impact.Every effort is made to benefit the villages, communities, and individuals we interact with. This is an ideal that must be withheld without sacrificing quality. Whenever possible, we utilize local services and products to aid in bringing needed income to the rural inhabitants whose lifestyles are a main attraction to our clients. Maintaining this positive relationship is a boon to travelers as well, as this arrangement facilitates positive cultural exchanges with our host communities

The natural beauty of Nepal is a treasure we aspire to preserve. Our trip strategies take great consideration in leaving a minimal impact on the natural environment. We create as little waste as possible at our campsites, ensuring that rubbish is collected properly and returned to Kathmandu for proper disposal. Our crews are equipped with biodegradable soap and are trained to avoid polluting fresh water sources. When possible, we encourage using boiled or treated spring water for drinking, and avoid using disposable water bottles.

Your Feedback

Your thoughts and opinions are important to us. We welcome your criticism and invite you to give us your feedback. We don’t claim to be the final word in adventure travel, and any advice you may have to aid us in improving our services for future travelers is valuable to our team. Please feel free to stop in after your trip and tell us how you feel.